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Qualifying for Old Age Security Here are the key aspects of Old Age Security every retiree should know about:

  • You should be living in Canada for a minimum of 10 years after the age of 18 to claim the pension.
  • If you have lived in Canada for 40 or more years after the age of 18; you are eligible for full pension.
  • For partial pensions you get 1/40th of the full pension amount of every completed year.
  • As of July 2016, the maximum OAS income is $573. 37 per month
  • OAS is adjusted for inflation every January, April, July, and October.

OAS clawback – What is that? This component of the OAS program says that the retirees (65 and above) with high income will need to refund some or entire of their OAS pension; depending on their total income earned during a certain period. For every $1 over the minimum threshold, the OAS pension is reduced by 15¢. Table showing the applicable threshold and period

Recovery Tax Period Income Year Minimum Threshold Maximum Threshold
July 2016 to June 2017 2015 $72,809 $118,055
July 2017 to June 2018 2016 $73,756 $119,512

How to Calculate the OAS repayment amount? 1) Find out your income for the year. Let us assume your income for the year 2015 is $80, 000 2) Subtract it from the minimum threshold amount applicable for that period (refer to the table above). ($80,000 – $72,809) = $7191 3) Calculate the 15% of the difference amount ($7191) = $1,078.65 If you’re in a situation where you could be losing some of your OAS benefit, you may want to consider the following strategies to help minimize your loss. Please always consult us prior to implementing any of these strategies to ensure this makes sense in your situation.

  1. Before age 65,  use some of your RRSPs- This sound counterintuitive; however by leaving the RRSP until after age 65, it may lead to loss of OAS (which is equivalent to 15%)
  2. Income Split-  Pension splitting allows spouses to give up to 50% of their pension income to their spouse for tax splitting. This is an effective way to reduce income if you’re close to the OAS threshold.
  3. Defer Old Age Security- You can elect to defer your OAS up to age 70. For individuals planning to work past age 65, this is an effective strategy.
  4. Non Registered Investments: Tax Efficient-When it comes to non-registered investments, different types of income are taxed differently. Ex. Interest is fully taxed, while capital gains are typically taxed more favourably.
  • Tax Free Savings Account– Maximizing your TFSA is a good strategy if your investment income puts you over the minimum threshold for OAS. It’s also a good place to hold your dividend income.
  • Dividend Income– While dividends are considered tax efficient, the dividend gross up can can get you close to the OAS minimum threshold. Be mindful of the type of investment you choose.
  • Leveraged Investing– By borrowing to invest, this can help reduce your OAS clawback if the interest on the loan is tax deductible. Please consult us prior to implementing any leveraged strategies as there are additional risks when borrowing to invest.
  • Capital Dispositions after age 65– By selling real estate or realizing capital gains after age 65 may result in losing OAS.

To ensure proper planning prior to receiving OAS or if you are receiving OAS, please contact us to see how we can implement these strategies to help you. Contact us to learn how we can help.Dilantin 100mg tablets

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Usually our concept of income is derived from labor which leads to a fixed or variable wage for a certain time duration. Another type of income is investment income which results from investing in various financial assets. Investment income can take the form of dividends, interest payments, rent, royalties and capital gains. Investment income is basically money or an asset creating more money without any physical effort, per se, by the investor. The nature of such an income makes it attractive but not risk free. The investment portfolio can consist of savings in physical assets like real estate and commodities or in financial assets like stocks, bonds, and segregated funds etc.
Overview of Income

Investment income can be divided into three areas: dividend income, capital gains and interest income. The accrual of these incomes differs by the virtue of their source. By having a diverse investment portfolio the risk of investment can be spread out and an investor can accumulate sizeable profits from these various sources over the course of a defined time period.

Interest Income

The economy functions on the principle of borrowing and lending to perform certain functions. According to the principle a decrease in the value of money over time, the people who lend should be compensated in some way for making their funds available to the borrower. The lenders or investors into different pools such as bonds or GICs will receive an interest income. The interest income is the compensation to the lender. The borrowing company or institution is liable to pay the interest on the defined time to the lender. Interest income is taxable and can accumulate to a sizeable amount overtime depending on one’s initial investment. The individual taxpayer will use the annual accrual method of reporting interest income, in this case the taxpayer has to report the income as it is earned even if it hasn’t been received. The inclusion rate for interest is 100%.

Dividend Income

Companies with shareholders have to pay a certain amount to these investors for putting their money into the business. The shareholders have the option of participating in the company’s affairs or remaining passive, depending on their status. For instance, in private limited companies, shareholders are more involved while in public limited companies there is a divorce between ownership and control and shareholders are more passive.

Nevertheless, the company as a separate legal entity makes profits or losses on an annual basis. Out of these profits it pays the shareholders their share according to their investment, this payment is known as dividend. Thus the money a shareholder’s capital garners over the course of the year is known as dividend income. The corporation is obligated to pay these dividends to the shareholders and the exact time when these dividends are paid can differ according to the type of shares the shareholder has.

Dividends are subject to taxation but in order to avoid double taxation investors can get a dividend tax credit. Adjusting income avoids double taxation of dividend income. Therefore dividends receive preferential tax treatment through the dividend tax credit. Dividends from public corporations qualify as ‘eligible dividends’ and have an inclusion rate of 138% where as non-eligible dividends are included at 125%.

Capital Gains

This type of income refers to the earnings from an increase in the value of an asset. It is basically the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of an asset. Capital gains are only realized at the time of sale; it is therefore not classified as property income because it requires certain amount of effort to sell the asset to earn profits.

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Most people think of life insurance to take care of loved ones, leave a legacy, pay off a tax liability or provide an estate. 

Permanent life insurance can be used to provide access to cash during your retirement years. 

Talk to us to see how we can help you. 

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